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iNch and Miles Counseling and Consulting is an organization that counsels and consults on various issues that affect the most precious assets of an organization- the human resources. In this regard, we offer professional counseling, coaching and training on various topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, team effectiveness, organizational performance, work-life balance. We use our vast research-based and current knowledge in Psychology and Counseling to help our clients lead fulfilled and fully productive lives.

We also design tailor-made training programs and facilitate workshops that address the needs of individual, group and corporate clients. These also include Employee Assistance Programs.

We counsel and offer training on psychological/behavioral issues that affect individuals, families and employees using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and REBT and other psychological approaches. In addition, we have a passion to assist adolescents with the many challenges that face them in their development including career and college choice.

Our psychologists and counselors are registered with the Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association.

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